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Are you sure you want more detail?

I might talk about how old I am, or I might NOT!

I love history and really should have been an archeaologist... but with out all that dust and dirt.

My muse and I.
College beard!

Fun with film!

Photography - What a hobby!

I love the feel of cemetaries, and this has lead to me photographing many of them. I found a bunch of Weeden's in one and it lead to an interest in geneology. I wondered what the three chains links carved into one of them meant and that led to an interest in symbols and their meanings.

My sister Tammy's Favorite "favorites" question:
What are your favorite movie SCENES?

Here's a list of some of my favorite movie scenes:

1. The conversation in "Babette's Feast" where the soldier tells the old maid sister that ultimately god knows how she would have lived her life if she had had the chance to be free of her commitments to her family and marry him.
2. The part of "Wild Strawberries" where the old professor remembers the passions and loves he had as a young man while he watches two hitch-hikers fighting over abstract concepts of god.
3. When Marilyn Monroe as "Cherry" puts on Beau's coat at the end of the "Bus Stop". She manages to show her total love, commitment, acceptance of him and her own redemption in under one minute...
4. The last performance of the concubine and his/her love at the end of "Farwell My Concubine" I have tears in my eyes now just writing about this!
5. Betty Davis acting as the "GREAT MISUNDERSTOOD ACTRESS!" in just about any scene in "All About Eve".
6. Mia Farrow as the cigarette girl who the hit man brings home to meet his mom before he takes her out to kill her in "Radio Days".
7. The "I Sing The Body Electric" in "FAME".
8. Shirley Maclean running throught the hospital screaming "... it's time for her shot! IT'S TIME FOR HER SHOT" and banging on the nurses station in "Terms Of Endearment"
9. Sally Field standing on the table with the union sign in "Norma Rey" you can see everthing in her face.
10. John Hurt and Anne Bancroft meeting in his room in "The Elephant Man".  

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

Nirvana, Frank Sinatra, Ibrahim Ferrer